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Re: Hepatitus Shots
Nov 12, 2007
Hep A and hep B are given together. usually when you travel. yes you are right you prob don't need both, but that is usually how they will give them to you. I believe the reason behind this is because doctors are usually not going to ask a loaded question like that, since the answer could very well be a lie. You just don’t know.

By giving a person both, weather they do, or do not share neededls or have lots of sex. You are breaking the cycle.

the thing is you NEVER know if your partner has it. as they may not have symptoms,

So pretend you are a girl names Stacy, you will only have sex with the man you marry. The man you marry is TED. Even if he is the ONLY man you have ever been with, but you never got your shot. And he only had One onther sex partner, and he also never got his shot. but his other sex partner had sex with 4 guys. Who also never got their shot and one of them was carring the virus becasue he had sex with LOTS of woman. Will stacy get the virus?

And then she has children (2)and gives it to them.
How many people are affected by this virus now? (5) and then when the children grow up get married and have children, more become affected.

Now lets say stacy has a religious believe that prevents her from taking these vaccs. But her husband TED got his, even though he doesn’t have sex lots, or do any kind of drug, after all he only had sex with 2 woman right? That other woman does not give him the virus, so his wife is safe, and his children are safe, and his childrens sex partners are safe. you just Eliminated so many potentials from jsut one person getting this shot.

So if no one gets the shots, hepatitis b grows like a family tree grows with multiple children. And more and more people get it, even people born to it. And the numbers go up, up and up. Where if more and more people get these shots, then in a way, they even protect the people who are against shots. Like Stacy.

Virus’ survive by bouncing from person to person. But if you stop it from bouncing, then when that person who is affected dies, and did not give it to anyone, becasue they all had their shots. less and less people get it. one day the virus will die. however there will always be people who don't bother with these shots, contract it, and pass it. so it is far from a perfect world. but because we offer these shots here, less people have them, less people spread them, unlike second/third world countries where it is crazy and everyone has it, well not everyone, but HUGE numbers.


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