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Whether or not they can be "proven" to be toxic, the government cannot GUARANTEE that they are safe for ALL children, some do have an adverse reaction to them, and therefore, a parent cannot be "required by law" to vaccinate their children. This is just plain ludacrous! Is that county willing to pay all of the families who were FORCED to vaccinate against their wishes if something tragic happens?

My son just had a severe reaction to his 4-month shots that I have been dealing with for 2 days now, and come to find out, it may be the recalled HIB vaccine that he's reacting to, since he got it the day BEFORE it was recalled. Go ahead and put me in jail then, because if the manufacturer can't even guarantee me that the vaccines are sterile and bacteria free (let alone non-toxic), and the government can't guarantee me that it's safe to inject him that many times at once, then I'm not going to put my son through this misery in 2 more months with the next round of vaccinations! This is my 3rd baby and I've never experienced anything like this before with my other 2; he is MISERABLE!

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