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thats absolutly rediculous! Ive opted out of vaccinating my children. These diseases were cured before the vaccinations came out. My eyes were opened after alot of research online, i stopped when my boy was 1 1/2 and my girl was 6mo's. Not even bringing up the ingredients (human dna, animal dna, formaldihyde, many other chemicals that have no set 'safe' level), just the fact that you are taking your kids to get poked with a weird chemical, scream, and then get sick for 2 days.... ?!?!?! I mean, that was ALMOST enough for me.. just search vaccination inoz on g#0gle, go to the first page that pops up, you'll see.
Shots are a one size fits all. Shots are toxic because they do contain toxic metals and that is a fact, it is part of the ingredients. There are also many preservatives and who knows what else there is that is not listed or known about.

My take is put me in jail if it comes to it. I will not be forced to vaccinate my child with various shots that as soon as they come on the market they are required regardless of what it is. As a parent I will make the decision for m daughter what types of medicines she needs. I believe in keeping our bodies natural and as close to earth as possible, therefore, we eat accordingly, etc, etc, etc. I will have to home school my child if I have to.

Schools need to be just school, they need to stop being mom and dad, daycare for before and after school, the hospital. They are taking on all these social issues when it's purpose is to teach our children and send them home to the parents who make the decisions for the child.

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