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I have been trying to find the ingredience in the flu shot. I was told recently that mercury and aluminum are used in them? These are toxins and can be linked to alzheimers (sp) There must be some truth to mercury and aluminum as part of the ingredience because I saw an add for a flu vaccine that was mercury free.

Some try to explain away reactions from the flu shot and how it's benefits outway the side effects, put after repeated injections over the years mercury and aluminum residuals will build up. Site reactions as well as getting sick from the flu shot are warning signs of the bodies resistance of a particular ingredient, or combination of.

I got rid of my non stick and aluminum cooking pans years ago because of the toxins associated with them, now I find out I am being injected toxins in a flu shot?

Does anyone know or have a link to where I can verify the true ingredience of the flu vaccine?

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