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My 5-month-old just got his 4-month vaccines, including HIB, and our pediatrician said he could have been given one of the recalled vaccines (I have an appointment this afternoon to get it checked out). They did name the specific bacteria, however, that bacteria, when injested by mouth, caused diarrhea and vomiting (basically the stomach flu) for up to 5 days, although they don't know what happens when it's injected into the body because there has been no reason to test for that up until this point. Well, DS had a severe reaction to one of his vaccines last night, the day after his shots, so I guess we'll see. Of course, Merck is saying that the vaccines themselves aren't contaminated, but obviously if they're recalling them, there's no guarantee to those of us who have children who got the vaccine and are now dealing with a severe reaction and a miserable baby.

Maybe I'm just too long being sleep-deprived, but I'm just so fed up with all this crap! I try to do the right thing and protect my kids against potentially fatal diseases, baby-proof my house, watch them when we're out, don't give them toys with small parts they can choke on, etc., but it just seems like I keep getting blind-sided by things that are completely unpredicatable and completely out of my control - contaminated vaccines, lead-based paint in baby toys, etc. What's next? Doesn't anyone have any scruples anymore?!

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