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I think you SHOULD be worried. Have you read what these shots contain? They all contain toxic chemicals and metals. Injecting anything toxic into your body is dangerous. Your best bet for not getting sick is to build your immunity which can be challenging if you smoke since you are full of toxins because of cigarettes. Eating organically, washing your hands with a non-antibacertial soap, restful sleep, exercise, the sun, eliminating stress, reducing your exposure to harmful cleaners and beauty products are some of your best bets. We get sick when our immunity is down. This is caused by stress, not sleeping, poor diet and lack of vitamins and minerals, etc. The body has the ability to heal itself and we need to treat our bodies right in return. The drug companies will tell you the vaccines are safe, they always will. Do you ever wonder why every drug has side effects or complications? Why many vaccines are recalled? We never get the full story either. Drugs are not the answer.

As far as children getting sick, the same thing. If their immunity is down, they will get sick too. You can't control that. Also, the flu vaccine DOES NOT PREVENT you from getting sick. It can work about 50-60% of the time, but then in addition you are adding toxins to your body that will effect your immediately and down the road. Our bodies are not made for these chemicals. Your liver has a difficult time filtering out these chemicals. Please read ALOT about these vaccines and other people's stories before getting them. You would be surprised to know that aborted human fetus is used to grow some vaccines and some of the ingredients. Read both sides of the story, don't just turn to the CDC or a government site for all of your information. There is a conflict of interest between the government, FDA, and drug companies, they all work very closely together and they also have kickbacks for supporting each other.

I hope that helps.

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