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Back in July, my father received a tetanus shot. He has been sick ever since. He was out of work for the longest time and can now only work part-time because he has to. He has rashes, seizures, has lost 30 pounds, and reacts to everything. He has had every test known taken: blood tests, stool samples, MRIs, colonoscopies, allergy tests, etc. He has visited Doctors, hospitals, holistic doctors, etc. He is getting worse and it has been 8 months. He gets disoriented, forgets things, and gets really emotional, sometimes sad, and sometimes angry. He used to be the most loving, laid back, easy going, happy man and he is only 50. He is young. He has found out he is now allergic to all dairy, a lot of meat, and vegetables. My parents are racking up the bills because he cannot work and she has to buy him organic foods, special diet foods, take him to 100 doctors, etc. Do you have any advice? I am afraid when someone finally realizes what it is, it will be too late.

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