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I know there are lots of threads on this, but I didn't find any that were quite what I was looking for, and it's a bit of a longer story.

I went for pre-screening for a job yesterday, and I had to do a lifting/back test. I lifted 50 lbs. ten times, walked 35 lbs. around on a cart with wheels 10 times, etc. I know I'm out of shape, but I wouldn't have expected any tremendous muscle strain from anything like that, and the tests were fairly easy despite my poor physical condition. I even passed them with flying colors.

I also went in for a physical exam, which included the tetanus shot that I was overdue for. Yay for free tetanus shots, boo for bad reactions. The shot itself didn't hurt a bit. i hardly felt anything at all. The woman asked me if it burned a bit, as I guess it can for some people, but it didn't. I felt nothing. A few hours later, my arm felt a little tired. Nothing more.

But I woke up this morning and I feel like a train wreck. No fever or anything, but there's a quarter sized red lump at the site, and that arm is extremely sore. I know that's typical, but my legs, back, and other arm are also very sore.

It's pretty severe. My thighs are so sore I can hardly hobble around, and my legs don't really want to support my weight. My mid-back area is extremely sore on both sides of my spine, and I know I didn't hurt it during the lifting. My arm is pretty much useless, and I can't seem to lift it above chest level without the pain getting a lot worse. It's almost like every muscle that I put any stress on for the lifting test just seized up on me, and is incredibly painful.

I need my limbs to work, the job I just got involves physical labor, and I'm supposed to start on monday! Is this just an uncommon but not really horrible reaction, or should I be calling my doctor???

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