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Help! I participated in the Avian Flu Vaccine study back in February. I had adverse reactions to the first and second shots, but felt I was doing my duty to continue in the study. The doctor told me a lot of people had the same symptoms and didn't come back for the second shot. I had headache, fever, cold symptoms, etc. Two of my coworkers also participated. One was out of the office sick for a few days; the other had no symptoms.

Now, to get to the matter at hand - Since February, I've been running a low grade fever most ever day. I feel tired, groggy, feverish and not myself. The vaccine doctors call to check in and say that I shouldn't still be experiencing side effects from the vaccine. So, I went to my primary physician, told him the situation (including the study) and he treated me for bacterial infection with three rounds of antibiotics. Still not feeling better. This week I've had comprehensive blood work and a full CT scan. All of those came back normal.

How can I find out if others are having similar issues? How can I nail down where this is coming from and how to fix it? I'm so frustrated.
If your symptoms are due to infection or weird immune response, there should be something evident in the blood tests, even if it isn't clear exactly what the problem is. Have they done white blood cell count? And measured the numbers of specific types of white blood cells? It's a way to find out what your immune system is doing.

Trouble is, it's an experimental treatment. Experimental means, no one knows exactly what will happen.

So, keep pursuing the medical angle. If your family doctor is at a loss, ask him for a referral. Meanwhile, keep taking care of yourself, eating and sleeping well, and maybe your condition will improve soon. (Maybe not, but it's possible).

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