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First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for such a strange and hypothetical question.

Yesterday, I got the 1st shot dose of the Hepatitis A vaccine. A few hours later, I inhaled some Lysol disinfectant spray. On the back of the label, it reads that it can kill and destroy bacteria & viruses including Hep A. I was wondering from working with Lysol and inhaling for maybe a good amount of time if the aerosol disinfectant can destroy off any Hep A toxins in my body (that are needed for seroconversion & eventual immunity)? It seems like a long shot and probably unlikely, but it just happened to cross my mind.

I guess I was wondering if it was possible that the disinfectant agent(s) first being inhaled through my lungs, and then minutely absorbed into my membranes, thus destroying the Hepatitis A toxin currently present in my body. Does this seem likely?

What sparked my concern was my existing of other vaccines. I believe there are vaccines like with typhoid (the live oral vaccination) that you cannot take an antibiotic within 24 hours because it'll interfere with the toxin. I was wondering if this is remotely true with Hepatitis A or something similar that it can be destroyed once injected into my body somehow? If it can in any way, then I guess I must be revaccinated, eh?

It's definitely a strange question. Hope I made myself clear. Thanks!

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