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I got my shot, Tdap because whooping cough is back ( so my doc said) on Wednesday afternoon and it was very sore for the first 3 days. It hurt to move my arm, stretch it or simply pull back on my dog's leash. 30 hours after receiving the shot I started feeling pain in my joints. My fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, my neck and also my lower back hurt alot. I then started getting "flu like" symptoms and felt tired. Later the next day is when I started to feel better from those sypmtoms and the joint pain. My injection didn't hurt nor did it burn like doc said it would. It did however feel just a bit warm in that area but I never developed a lump like some experience. I don't remember having those other issues 10 years ago when I received the shot back then. I'm wondering if it was the "extra" whooping cough shot that was in there this time. I'll have to request the next shot be given to me without the whooping cough. My doctor told me her arm was sore for a week so I would give it a few days. Mine still smarts when I stretch my arm out and its Sunday. Good luck.
mygizzy, the next time you get a tetanus booster, you'll get the typical Td shot (Tetanus/Diptheria). The Tdap shot is a ONE time booster for teens and adults to give them the added protection against pertussis (whooping cough) since your last DTap was around age 7 and the pertussis immunity has waned since then. I had one less than a year ago and had no side effects but it's highly possible that the pertussis part of the vaccine did cause more discomfort than the regular Td.

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