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[QUOTE=Ryan6262;3748878]I heard that if you have 5 consecutive flu shots that it increases your chance of alzheimers by 10 times!!! What do you think? True?[/QUOTE]

It's a bit confusing. I read that information about Alzheimer's risk being increased "by 10 times". But then there was a statement saying that there is no definite proof. Elsewhere, I found a statement saying that the amount of mercury in a flu shot is very small....about the same amount as that found in a can of tuna.

I have gone for several years without a flu shot and never got the flu. But then there were a couple of times when I got the flu shot and got the flu anyway. That's strange.

But here's a word of caution from something I read just yesterday: (not an exact quote) As people age,their lung capacity decreases which makes it more and more difficult to cough up phlegm. So I think the idea is: If you can't get phlegm up and out, you run the risk of serious life-threatening complications, like pneumonia. (The book title was: The End of Aging)

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