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Some flu shots contain thimersol or mercury and mercury is a highly toxic metal that does not belong in the body. Many with have alzhemiers have high levels of mercury in the body, so some believe that may be the cause. My view is yes, I believe it could very well be the cause and there is a root to every problem. A person can get all the flu shots they want, but if they are not healthy and supply their body with the vitamins and minerals they need to fight off sickness, yes they will get sick anyways. It is much better to build up your immune system naturally. The flu shot contains many chemicals which in turn lower your immune system so it really does not make sense to me.
[QUOTE=Ryan6262;3748878]I heard that if you have 5 consecutive flu shots that it increases your chance of alzheimers by 10 times!!! What do you think? True?[/QUOTE]

It's a bit confusing. I read that information about Alzheimer's risk being increased "by 10 times". But then there was a statement saying that there is no definite proof. Elsewhere, I found a statement saying that the amount of mercury in a flu shot is very small....about the same amount as that found in a can of tuna.

I have gone for several years without a flu shot and never got the flu. But then there were a couple of times when I got the flu shot and got the flu anyway. That's strange.

But here's a word of caution from something I read just yesterday: (not an exact quote) As people age,their lung capacity decreases which makes it more and more difficult to cough up phlegm. So I think the idea is: If you can't get phlegm up and out, you run the risk of serious life-threatening complications, like pneumonia. (The book title was: The End of Aging)

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