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Mercury is not something that just leaves the body, so when we are vaccinated as children and then if you get the "recommended" flu shot every year think about how much mercury just from vaccinations you are putting into the body. This doesn't include other sources like mercury silver fillings which release bits of mercury daily. The body is not meant to have this in it, it is a neurotoxin, so common sense tells me to not put it in my body or my daughter's body. It lowers your immune system. There is never any proof to back uo anything because big pharma doesn't want the proof out there. If doctors were up front about all chemicals in vaccines and they told the patient what each one is, most people would probably not get vaccinated. It boils down to power/control and money. Ever wonder why no one tells you to eat right anymore? That vitamins and minerals are essential to our health and that chemicals are detrimental to our health? Instead we are heavily advertised to: Get your flu shot today! Everyone is recommended to get them! It will PROTECT you! lol (rolling my eyes)

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