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I have had the flu shot regurally for as long as I can remember, however 2 years sgo my mother had an anaphalytic reaction to the flu shot. They did some extensive allergy testing and narrowed the culprit down to thiomersal. I have some bad food allergies to tree nuts and shell fish, never had an anaphalytic reaction, but don't like to chance it. My mother was 52 when she reacted to the vaccine dispite years of regular flu shots.

So now my question where can you go to get a flu shot without thiomersal. I have called 10+ pharmacies in the area who all do not carry a thiomersal vaccine, my primary care physician said they are reserved for high risk people to which he said I didn't fit since I never had a reaction and I called the local hospitals who basicaly told me they do not administer a thiomersal free vaccine. It seems all my local resources are catered to the masses and even if you want something without thiomersal/mercury, you are out of luck...

I came across the following website which shows the vaccines available this season and see many that are thiomersal free, but cannot find a provider. I even called GlaxoSmithKline to see where in Colorado I could get the thiomersal free vaccine and was told they didn't know. I did find on the FluMist website some local doctors, but really don't like the idea of having the medicine sprayed up my nose.

Has anyone had luck obtaining one of the thiomersal free flu shots and if so how were you able to get it or where would you look?

Here is the link for the 2008/2009 flu vaccines:


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