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In order:

1) All pediatric vaccines except flu are now mercury-free, and the amount of aluminum isn't much greater than what they are exposed to every day by eating food and breathing the air. Baby formula and breast milk have aluminum.

2) Unvaccinated babies can get SIDS, too, though breast-feeding can help prevent it. In fact, there's some evidence that SIDS is a bad reaction to certain bacteria. (Other theories are out there too.)

3) Never heard of this one. Any evidence?

4) Unvaccinated kids do get autism. Amish kids get autism. In fact, high fevers resulting from childhood illnesses used to be a major cause of brain damage and mental retardation in children.

5) Over 100 people caught measles in the US in 2008. Most of them were unvaccinated. Vaccination against measles works very well in about 98% of people.

6) Once a child is fully vaccinated, he or she has little to fear from unvaccinated classmates. However, 26 of last year's US measles cases occured in babies 15 months and younger who hadn't been vaccinated yet. These little babies are also at higher risk for serious complications. Thank God, they all recovered, though some of them were hospitalized for a while. And babies don't go to school, but older siblings could carry the virus home on their skin or clothing.

There's a great deal of misinformation and rumor floating around. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns, and let me know if you have any other questions.

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