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Flu shots
Sep 29, 2009
I had one flu shot around the year 2000 and had a reaction to it. I don't hear much about the kinds of reacions you might get within the first 15 minutes of recieving the shot.....everyone is always talking about reactions days later. When I recieved my flu shot, I was told because this was my first one that I needed to stay for 15 minutes because if I was to have a reaction, it would happen within that time frame. A few minutes after getting the shot I started feeling very dizzy, lightheaded and like I was going to pass out. I was told to sit or lie down and after a little while it seemed to pass, so I got back up and within a minute the symptoms returned only worse! This time with the feeling of being very hot and ringing in the ears! :eek: After sitting down for some time this all passed, but I was almost afraid of leaving and getting behind the wheel of my car! Is there ANYone else out there that has had this kind of reaction? It was scarey picturing myself lying on the floor and I'm scared to ever get another one! I am not allergic to eggs, although allergies do run in family and I have had excema due to allergies. What kind of reaction is this? because I feel like it is one of a kind! never hearing any stories like mine. After being injected with something that made me feel this way, I am totally against flu shots now! I've read alot about them and alot of studies out there say they really aren't that affective. I believe if you get your rest and eat well, take vitamins and take care of yourself during the winter months, you'd be doing better for yourself than getting a shot....epecially after reading all these things about how the flu shot can cause serious health thank you! I'll take the flu! Also the laws requiring people in certain jobs to get the flu shot, I think that's rediculous! There should NOT be laws forcing people to have this shot! That really needs to be changed!:mad:
Re: Flu shots
Nov 17, 2009
I had a reaction after getting the flu shot. It was like a mini flu with aches and pains, fever, bad chills, red, sore arm. This was within 24 hours of my first and last flu vaccine.

I don't know if this means anything but I have never gotten the flu in my life as far as I know. The closest I came to getting it was with what accompanied the shot. I have a relative that had a reaction to the flu vaccine and can't get it anymore.

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