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Re: Flu shot
Oct 11, 2009
Yes. I will tell you why. First of all a flu shot does not "protect" you as all are lead to believe. You jeopardize your immune system when you load it with toxins and chemicals. What are the ingredients of a flu shot? If you don't know they contain mercury, formaldehyde, foreign DNA, etc. This means that you are further lowering your immune system when you get a flu shot.

Only building up your immune system naturally will protect you. You shouldreas more about it. You can come in contact with anything and still not get sick if you address the health of your immune system which every doctor, media, and person I know FAILS to do.

The reason they recommend you get upwards of two flu shot or more is evidence that it doesn't work. This means people are not building "immunity" even it it does work in some, so they recommend more shots. You are already receiving 25x more mercury in one shot than the FDA recommends. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on this planet and there is no amount that is safe in the body. This means you you get more shots, you are shooting up 50x or more mercury that you should have.

Build your immune system naturally. I have a toddler who has never been sick in her life because I address prevention and we steer clear of flu shots.

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