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If you are meaning a Dr. friendly to non vaccination, you just have to try them out. Just be sure to come prepared. I don't know what kind of regulations TN has for vaccination. I live in KS which is a religious exemption only state. So I came prepared at my son's fist appt. w/ the proper paperwork for daycare and stood my ground. And the Dr had no obligations, as it is my LEGAL right to make that decision. As a parent, you can ALWAYS choose to vaccinate at a later date, but the current vaccination schedule is vigorous and could not be properly accepted by the body of a grown man.
Especially if you are a stay at home mom there is no reason on earth to vaccinate your children on the schedule that currently exists.
**for example, the only way of contracting hepatitus b is by sharing needles or a blood transfusion. Is there any chance of that happening to your child?!?! absolutely not! Yet your baby will probably recieve that vaccination in the hospital!!! Can you think of a possible reason why that is necessary?!?! And if your a stay at home mom, spread out you childs vaccines, they are NOT going to come into contact with any of the illnesses they vaccinate for!!! Come on that is common sense!

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