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Is it illegal for a pediatrician to turn you away because you have chosen an alternative vaccine schedule? I've had this happen in all the doctors I've called this week. I can't find a single doctor who will accept my children as patients because we are on an alternative schedule. Have they been brainwashed and is it illegal?

I'm curious what % of doctors are turning away patients. So far I'm already via 4-5 doctors our of 4/5 - left without a doctor.

My horrible MMR experience is based on the following:

My daughter is on the alternative schedule (delaying shots by 1-2 months)/giving maximum of 2 shots each month. My doctor did not agree with the delayed shots but agreed to let me do it. Each time we would take our daughter in for an appointment, the office would say my daughter could have 4-5 shots. Our schedule was for 2 shots every month so each time we had to tell them that our alternative schedule which we provided them and was in our folder was for no more than 2 shots per month. I hated this pressure every month but am a busy working mom and did not have time to change doctors. My husband took my daughter in for her next shot sequence. When the nurse asked what shot we wanted, my husband responded with 'give her the next shot on her schedule." The nurse said our daughter could have more than 2 shots, but my husband was familiar with our 2 shot limit. The nurse had him sign a document with the shots given. After a major side effect, we later found out that the nurse gave my daughter the MMR shot, which was not on our alternative schedule for her until she was at least 3 years old.

We discovered that she had the MMR when my nanny called me at work about a week after the shot saying my daughter was crying for an hour straight which was very unusual for her and that she had a rash that was continuing to spread. I rushed home, got a doctor appointment and was told that my daughter had either the measles or chickenpocks, a result of the vaccine from the shot earlier in the week. We would know which one it was based on the rash and if she itched the rash. Since there was no fever the nurse was not concerned and said to monitor the rash, it should go away within a week.

I normally hear my daughter make noises at night on the baby monitor - I haven't been sleeping much because I'm in the third trimester. However, I didn't hear her for about 30 mins, so I decided to check on her. When I went into the room, I didn't hear any movement and normally she'll move at the smallest noise in the room. I went next to her crib and didnt' hear her breathing. I checked her hand - it was cold. I then felt her back to see if her body moved up and down to make sure she was breathing. She didn't move and her body did not move. I picked her up. She still didn't move and her whole body was cold. I shook her at least three times -no movement and it felt like she was dead - a cold, dead, lifeless baby. I screamed at the top of my lungs to call 911 " I said Pat, Pat, wake up - I think Karly is dead." My husband woke up in a daze and started calling 911. I remember thinking to myself I'm telling him to call 911 but what is the point, she's already dead and I remember thinking I won't get through this and this is what it feels like to lose your child. It was the worst feeling of my entire life.

Once my husband called 911, her eyes opened. She was in a daze. My nanny mentioned she was laxidazical earlier in the day. It was like she was out of it. At first I thought, she's alive, she's alive. I remembered thinking that having her not being able to talk but being alive was better than not having her at all. Within a few minutes she began walking around (stumbling, but walking) and talking.

We took her to the ER ourselves. We were then admitted to the hospital for a day of observation. My daughter was miserable the whole time. She kept saying "NO NO NO" as they attached new wires to her. The poor thing had been awake since 2:30am and it was now 2:00pm and she still hadn't slept. Every time I asked a doctor/nurse what the problem was / if it was related to the vaccine (even though it was obvious this was the case and my dr's nurse confirmed it before the incident), they would say we only know its a virus. It could be anything. Each of them looked for excuses: Is she in daycare? No. Does your nanny watch other children? No Was she around other kids: Limited occasion. It angered me that they would not say it could be related to the vaccine - they looked for every other excuse saying she could have gotten it anywhere. When I looked up the typical measles/rubella rash vs hers - it looked exactly the same.

The doctors kept looking for any other excuse they could find for what caused her not to wake up - although she had a rash that looked very much like the measles or rubella rash. They wanted EEGs and heart test and anything you can think of. We denied these knowing what the cause of the problem was. We took our daughter to the dr the next day and again the EEG / Seizure test came up again and there was again - no mention of the link to a vaccine. The doctor did say that seizures were a side effect of the MMR and it could have been why we couldn't wake our daughter and why she was in a dazed state when she woke up. Since the test would not confirm if this is what happened we decided against it and guess what - we haven't had any other problems since.

Now the real problem that I would like you to investigate. I started looking for a new pediatrician since I lost my trust in this office and it was obvious that they were brainwashed into thining that vaccines are perfect, even when they had an example case right in front of their eyes - remember - before the incident, the nurse said it was related to the vaccinne. I thought it would be easy to find a new doctor - after all who wouldn't want 2 new patients? To our surprise, I've been calling several doctors/groups and can not find a doctor who will take us as a patient on the alternative schedule. Some doctors said we can decline vaccines but we can not go on an alternative schedule. When I ask about patient choice, the doctor said, we give you a choice to go to another doctor - which wouldn't be a problem if they all did not say that. Isn't it illegal for these doctors to turn us away because of our choice to follow an alternative schedule. If I can't find a new doctor, I will be one of the patients that do not vaccinate because I was not given a choice to give my child 2 shots vs 4/5 shots at a time. This is crazy. Does someone have to sue the doctors that won't allow the alternative schedule in order to get their child treated?

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