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[QUOTE=tatsu15;4633757]Natural infections may or may not cause what you just listed... same goes for vaccines... depending on how well you treat your body and how your immune system/genes come to play.[/QUOTE]

The risk of serious problems from natural infections of those viruses or bacteria is orders of magnitude greater than the risk of serious problems from the vaccines against those viruses or bacteria.

[QUOTE=tatsu15;4633757]Personally, I never got the Hep B, MMR, or flu vaccines. I trust my immune system. I guess you got to pick your poison... vaccines aren't a guarantee to immunity.[/QUOTE]

Not a guarantee, but they move the odds more in your favor. Especially when so many people are refusing vaccines and becoming disease vectors giving dangerous viruses and bacteria to others (the reason why there have been measles outbreaks recently in the US, and pertussis cases have reached the highest level in California in decades).

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