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Hepatitis and flu vaccines are separate injections (although the flu vaccine is for three different kinds of flu). Note that there are two types of hepatitis that have vaccines available, A and B (B is the virus that can become a permanent infection). They may be available as separate vaccines or a single vaccine for both, but never combined with flu vaccine.

So if he got one injection, then the doctor's office made a billing error by billing for both hepatitis and flu vaccines. (But you'll also want to ask the doctor's office which vaccine he actually got.)
I agree that it sounds like your son received only the Hepatitis vaccine, but the doctor's office billed the insurance company for both vaccines.

I can't imagine they would give them together in one injection. They can't just combine vaccines together willy-nilly.

It appears to be a billing "issue."
I would find out for sure if he got it or not. And if he did, I would pounce on them with both feet. I agree with you about not getting the flu shot. We've given up too many rights today. The buck stops here. Even many doctors and nurses refuse to take the poison flu shot. As well as many of the nonsheeple population. Building up and keeping a strong immune system is the strongest defense against the flu. I used to get the flu 1 or 2 times every year. I started taking good raw organic vitamins and minerals 4 years ago. No flu in the past 4 years. I had terrible spring allergies. Gone for the last 4 years. Energy levels are through the roof. With all of the modern technology, these people haven't cured anything in 70 years. Do you really think it's because they can't. Lift your heads up out of the clouds. What is destroying everything around us today. It's greed-money-power-control. The same ole same ole. Diseases are markets. If they cured just one disease, do you realize how many product lines (symptom treaters) would become obsolete. Do you realize how much money they would lose if you ever found out the real truth. The simple truth that if we found out that with proper nutrients people wouldn't get sick in the first place. I'm not just talking about the flu business. I'm talking about the cancer market, the heart disease market, the stroke market, the diabetes market, the obesity market. The list is long and goes on and on. I'm in my 40's now. When I was a kid, cancer and diabetes were almost unheard of. Now they crash every household. So, I wonder what the focus of pharmaceutical testing is. Is it to find a cure and put themselves out of business, or could it be to increase disease and collect fortunes off of the symptom treaters. So, as far as the flu vaccine is concerned, most of the sheeple in the flock are being injected. But most people got sick anyway. I work in an office of 20 people and all got the flu shot. I am the only one not currently sick. Imagine that. So, like I said, I would take action against injection without permission. It's still your right today. But, who knows what they'll try to take away tomorrow.

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