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Re: Vaccine Court
May 28, 2012
[QUOTE=DanDeal;4973711]Does anyone have any experience with vaccine court claims? Our son who had a Guilian Bare Variant in 2003 and suffered from neuropathy as a result has been slowly but surely recovering. During a recent trip to the doctor for feeling fatigued, the doctor noticed he had not had a tetanus shot or his booster since 1999 so gave them to him. His neuoraphy pain started returning almost immediately and within five days he was hospitalized and back on the routine of pain killers, meds for the shooting pain, etc. He, his wife, his in-laws and us are missing work for his therapy, etc, as he is not able to drive between the pain and the meds. Medical costs in the tens of thousands though he does have insurance, $3,000 deductable, $40.00 copays an set up for at least 30 pt appointments. Worried his employer may just cut him loose. He has been there for five years, these are his first absences of more than a day or so. Any help or direction?[/QUOTE]

I don't think he should've received the tetanus shot if his Dr. knew about him having suffered from GBS in 2003. Google Tdap VIS and read the required by law VIS statement your son should have received before getting this shot.
People who have had GBS generally do not receive this vaccine unless it's direly needed.
Also check out google for: vaccine court and also, VAERS.
Your son can self report to VAERS if his Dr. has not done so. (Majority of Dr.'s do not report.)

Hope this helps and God Bless your son and family.

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