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[QUOTE=loonairina;5124477]disclaimer: I am not looking for advice or criticism regarding my vision on immunization.

OK, so I talked to the doc to give my daughter only certain vaccines one month apart, one at a time, and PCV was one of them. After giving her DTaP at 2 mo, HiB at 3 mo, at her 4 month appointment I told the doc I would rather not take the risk with PCV, at least not right now when she's still too young and we do not take her to daycare...explained my reasoning and asked her to give her the next vaccine on the list which was Polio (only because we intend to travel overseas soon). The pediatrician told me PCV is required in the CSHP practice, and if I do not give it to my daughter to start looking for another pediatrician. When she realized I wouldn't give in to her threats, and after telling her that I had no problem looking for another pediatrician, she started telling me that it will be very difficult to find a doctor that will agree with my immunization schedule...What in the world is wrong with these doctors??

When people refuse blood transfusion for religious reasons, doctors find a way to treat them, but when I refuse a certain shot for my daughter, I am told to go another doctor. I am so fed up to be told what to do by these doctors that insist on immunization but refuse to take responsibility if something goes wrong because of it.

Please help![/QUOTE]

My wife and I are not vaccinating our youngest, and stopped vaccinating our oldest at about 1 year old (when I really started pushing for it). Our pediatrician was retiring, and the successor taking over his practice fired us. I had to call every pediatrician in our network and ask them if they would modify or eliminate vaccines. The last one on the list was the only one who would. They are still very much pro vaccine, but the don't judge us for our beliefs.

Unfortunately the circular arguments of the pro vaccine industry have become cemented in the masses of our society. I feel your pain, and suggest calling around. In all honesty the only reason the pediatric schedule is set is to vaccinate children. If your child is healthy and happy, and is hitting milestones of development, then why do you need an overpaid underthinking vaccine pusher's permission to keep being a good parent? I'll take a mother's intuition over that any day of the week.


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