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... authorities receive stock options or even positions with the company they are supposed to be evaluating and regulating. this is a deadly trend, money in exchange for safety. ... (63 replies)
... could mean 3 out of only 10 or 3,000,000 out of 10,000,000. I'm not sure how many people die from it. I found my info on, which is the center for disease control website. That is the only one I have checked so far. Feel free to check it out for yourself. ... (11 replies)
... ing normal to becoming nothing short of an "animal" within days of his 18 month vaccinations. It was the medical establishment's ignorance that led me to search for why my child did that. You can call it a can call it for the "greater good"...but, one day all of these children are going to be adults. ... (63 replies)

... measles cases have had one or more complications, such as ear infections, pneumonia, or diarrhea. Pneumonia is present in about six percent of cases and accounts for most of the measles deaths. ... (63 replies)
... r" of vaccines. This must assume that pediatricians are so evil as to not only poison your babies, but also poison their babies as well. It would be impossible for a pediatrician to miss this supposed "danger" if it happens as frequently as these people say. ... (63 replies)
... As for the thimerisol, there is more out there than most know. It was prohibited in future production, but they did not require a recall of all the vaccinations on the shelf. I called the health department, several pediatricians and asked about the thimerisol.. ... (63 replies)
... Vaccines are the main reason for low disease rates today". ... (63 replies)
... i'm sure you have read my other posts in the arguments about vaccines thread. ... (11 replies)
... I whole heartedly agree on doing your own research. What is irritating however is the insistance that the only real proof is for the vaccinations. I did not look at just one site, nor did I just take someone's word on it. Some of the information came from my son's pediatrician!!! ... (63 replies)
... researching and consultation with 2 naturopathic doctors have firmly convinced me that vaccinations are not the "cure all" they intend to be. ... (63 replies)
... mmunosuppressed are newly vaccinated children. They can shed the live virus and you would never suspect that. While an unvaccinated child is always being watched for possible childhood diseases. When he has a fever he will be kept away from other kids. ... (63 replies)
... As far as the rise in Autism, No evidence has arisen to support vaccinations as the culprit. Numerous studies have been done comparing Autism rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. No difference was found. ... (63 replies)
... i want to do the right thing for my baby day i think i have, the next day i read something here then question what i felt the day before...i dont know what to do anymore.... ... (63 replies)
... f what would happen if this was your child and you could of prevented it..Also look up the true facts on autisum and the causes it will open your eyes. dont look for the negitive look for true medical writings on it. ... (63 replies)
... As far as listening to these boards keep something in mind. Anybody can say whatever they want, whether it is true or not, and they are not responsible for fact checking what they say. Most of the websites that people who are antivaccination point to are nothing more then opinions. ... (63 replies)
... This is why the majority of the population are not able to distinguish between the competing arguments. Too many people are of the opinion that the evidence for and against is equal in quality, and to a scientist that is clearly not true. But how do we convey that without seeming "holier than thou". ... (49 replies)
... hat vaccines are dangerous and ineffective will not change their minds no matter how logical and hopefully thought provoking I attempt to be. My posts are meant for the large number of people that come to these boards just to view them and get some information. ... (11 replies)
... StareDecisis.How common is it for a child to get HepC? ... (22 replies)

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