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... ou about not getting the flu shot. We've given up too many rights today. The buck stops here. Even many doctors and nurses refuse to take the poison flu shot. As well as many of the nonsheeple population. Building up and keeping a strong immune system is the strongest defense against the flu. ... (6 replies)
... ly past the age where HiB could put her in the hospital on a respirator, but you definitely want the Hep B, Meningitis, polio, and MMR before she goes to school, as those could cause very serious problems even in older children or adults. ... (2 replies)
... A record 130 million Americans are expected to get a flu shot this season in hopes of ducking the nasty virus, but as the needle pierces the skin, more than 80 percent will also get what some say is a hefty and dangerous dose of mercury. ... (4 replies)

Hepatitus Shots
Nov 15, 2007
... s a personal preference, we all are entitled to a personal opinion. maybe people don't bother as they believe "it could never happen to me", or "that it was ment to be. ... (4 replies)
... m glad it started when I was home as I was able to get the help I needed. the symptoms of pain started in my ear on the flight home. ... (6 replies)
Apr 20, 2007
... Kirsten, check with your local health dept as most vaccinations are free through age 18 and if there is a charge, it will most likely be much less expensive than at a physicians office. ... (6 replies)
... As far as alternatives...we didn't know about them. It wasn't exactly common knowledge that vaccines had Hg in them. ... (63 replies)
... Today, with the exception of some influenza vaccine, none of the vaccines used to protect preschool children against 12 infectious diseases contain thimerosal as a preservative. ... (63 replies)
... P.S. I guess I ask because I wonder what motivates people. It gives a better perspective as to why our society functions as it does. In this situation I wonder why we choose to vaccinate or not and what would happen if we had proof about one particular side of the issue. ... (3 replies)
... being. The best thing you can do is educate yourself as much as possible about vaccinations. Do not make a decision out of fear one way or the other but out of earnestness for what you believe is right. ... (20 replies)
Still confused
Jul 24, 2005
... i can totally understand your concern and have many of the same questions as you do. ... (3 replies)
... and is classified mainly as a sexually transmitted disease. ... (11 replies)
... yer with insults of extremism or lack of education or knowledge. we have been trained for decades to take what is handed down from such offices and "authorities" as gospel truth. ... (63 replies)
... My heart goes out to you along with prayers for your mending heart. I am deeply moved by what you shared with us and as a result I am now willing to "be heard". ... (49 replies)
... As far as a medical professional is concerned, There is no "other side of it" and there is no room for opinion unless it is somehow grounded in responsible study. ... (49 replies)
... s debate. Many Doctors do not feel they can leave this descision in the hands of parents because they do not feel most parents can understand the argument. And as horrible as it sounds, I agree with them to some extent. I am not saying that we have a society of morons who can not understand simple concepts. ... (49 replies)
... boards are to be used for PEER support only. Healthcare titles lend undue weight to what is to be only your opinion. Members may share health opinions and advice as PEERS. ... (49 replies)
... Let's take the hepatitis virus as an example. It gets into your system and invades your liver cells. It is a latent virus so it doesn't actively produce right away. ... (22 replies)
... As to more serious diseases such as polio and smallpox, I can understand the need for vaccinations. ... (22 replies)
... People don't post here to be "attacked" on their views or told the only info they have isn't is subjective and as far as stuff being backed up by all honesty, how do we know we haven't been dazzled by b.s. ... (11 replies)

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