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... The flu shot contains the very strains of flu virus of the season. ... (28 replies)
... Wondering if anyone knows that if a person has had a reaction to the influenza vaccine if Flumist would be recommended? ... (0 replies)
... ools out there that doctors have at their disposal and sometimes they choose to use them and sometimes they don't. but the point is that there is no cure for the flu virus anyway. plus it's not life threatening in a normal, healthy adult. ... (28 replies)

... Then how is the flu diagnosed in a person if not by flu-like symptoms? (28 replies)
... You may not get the flu from the flu shot BUT, you'll more than likely get SICK from it!!!! ... (28 replies)
... like symptoms soon after it and have never gotten the flu shot again. ... (28 replies)
... You dont get the flu from getting the flu shot itself. You can still end up getting the flu even with it. but the shot itself doesnt make you sick. ... (28 replies)
... i was just answering your question. your question was how is the flu diagnoses if not by the symptoms? ... (28 replies)
... i never said that YOUR doctor uses that method to find out if you have the flu. i just answered your question. you had asked how one can know for sure that they have the flu, other than going by their symptoms. i told you about one way that can be done. why are you being beligerent? (28 replies)
... hello, this is in reference to the question about how a virus can be "dead". you were correct in saying that viruses do not reproduce with other viruses. they do so by taking over the host's machinery and using it to replicate themselves. the process is complicated and difficult to explain quickly to someone who has no knowledge of it. however, i will be glad to explain if... (28 replies)
... btw, i have only had the flu shot once and i only got it because i have asthma and i'm a pre school teacher so i get sick all the time from the kids' germs. ... (28 replies)
... get the injection, despite written warnings from the vaccine manufacturers. ... (4 replies)
Flu shots
Nov 17, 2009
... I had a reaction after getting the flu shot. It was like a mini flu with aches and pains, fever, bad chills, red, sore arm. This was within 24 hours of my first and last flu vaccine. ... (5 replies)
... I got my first flu vaccine last year and had the same reaction. My doc says it is def. from the shot and there is even a name for it which is of course escaping me right now! ... (6 replies)
... To Slainte, With no complications to the smallpox vaccine after all the negative hype, I sure would have thought the avian flu shot would be a breeze too. From what i understand, you need two or three shots of this vaccine for full protection. Did you complete the trial? ... (7 replies)
Flu shots
Feb 3, 2010
... or even the thimerasol. I too had a life threatening reaction from a flu shot years ago and the doc said if I ever got another one I would die. ... (5 replies)
Flu shots
Oct 3, 2009
... In December 1967, I was given a flu vaccination, which was an experimental "live" flu vaccine. I felt fine, after the shot, and worked the rest of the day and went home. I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to breath. ... (5 replies)
... Regarding the flu shot and possible reaction...I think it could rev up the immune system and exacerbate something else ongoing. ... (12 replies)
... certain vaccines just as others are allergic to codeine or certain antibiotics. for instance, people who have severe egg allergies are told to stay away from the flu vaccine because one of its components may be grown in an egg shell. ... (5 replies)
... Flu vaccine can cause illness, but its not common. Does it feel like an allergic reaction? ... (6 replies)

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