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Rubella vac.
Dec 20, 2005
... years after getting the MMR vaccine as an adult. It's one of the side effects and is mentioned in the insert paper. ... (7 replies)
Rubella vac.
Dec 9, 2005
... Even though you don't show antibodies does not mean that you are in danger of getting the disease. It has never been proven that antibodies truly protect a person from any disease. ... (7 replies)
... eople or little children get to the tetanus vaccine. I feel so sorry for the wee little children who can not express their pain and are fussy etc for weeks after getting it. ... (1 replies)

... There certainly is plenty of time before she gets pregnant again. Or is she planning on getting pregnant tonight? ... (9 replies)
... The kids who are getting vaccinated now will most certainly get the disease when they are adults and the vaccine's efficacy has waned. ... (2 replies)
... of the vaccine batch and a copy of your records that states exactly what was given to you. You may need it and things like that have a habit of getting lost. ... (5 replies)
... Inject the toxin from the flu virus rather than the virus itself. NO CHANCE OF GETTING FLU. ... (28 replies)
... The place I was getting them done at told me I couldn't have any while pg? ... (4 replies)
... You dont get the flu from getting the flu shot itself. You can still end up getting the flu even with it. but the shot itself doesnt make you sick. ... (28 replies)
... Recently, I have read that in underdeveloped countries where wars are preventing the children from being vaccinated the percentage of children getting the diseases is growing. ... (12 replies)
Prevnar Vaccine...
Feb 17, 2005
... I have some concerns about this vaccine yet I also am thinking about getting it for my baby because of its protection against meningitis. ... (5 replies)
How do I know???
Jan 23, 2005
... If you keep getting the flu vaccine year after year, and soon they'll recommend it twice a year just to make more money, you'll get Alzheimers at age 30! ... (5 replies)
... in illnesses in time because they never get used. Usually, however, enough is left to execute a quick enough attack and make more all over again to keep you from getting sick and thus STILL being immune. I highly doubt that you have a low count because of being a carrier. ... (1 replies)
... ad it, but check to make sure that you got an MMR booster around the time when you were in middle school. Also, if you never had chicken pox you should consider getting the vaccination for that. ... (3 replies)
... You should consider getting the vaccine yourself. It is two shots for adults. ... (5 replies)
... a baby and kind of in his own world. The doctors then told her that this was a side effect from his shots. The reason he is showing more is because she stopped getting the other two's shots when after their two years but she was a new mom who thought she should conform to the norm. ... (49 replies)
... likely will not develop the chicken pox, but after that shot wears off in about 20 years they will be adults , and never having chicken pox will not be ammune to getting it. This increases their risk of getting chicken pox as an adult which has been proven to be much more harmful. ... (1 replies)
... My child has chronic health problems and his doctor instructed anyone who is in contact with him on a regular basis get the flu shot to help prevent him from getting it. ... (13 replies)
... I'm not getting on that whole subject here... ... (15 replies)
... or not, and weigh BOTH sides. Yes there are those that say absolutely NO. But then again, there are those parents out there that can tell you how horrible the getting the chicken pox was for their child. There is a CHANCE that you can get shingles from childhood chicken pox. But it is NOT something that happens to everyone. ... (15 replies)

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