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... I will soon be getting my second Pfizer Covid vaccination and was wondering about physical activity afterwoods. ... (1 replies)
... Same situation as you... at age 50 I got the vaccines again... its better than getting Shingles, which is a painful adult form of chicken pox. ... (5 replies)
... Dear jetski76, Flu shots only affect a specific strain of flu. However if a type is going around, it is good to be proactive and get a shot for that type of flu before we get it. But after we have the flu, a shot will not stop it. Antibiotics don't kill viruses,but they may prevent secondary infection so I am not saying don't get the shots. If your father does not have a... (12 replies)

... and getting it again will give you that proof. ... (1 replies)
... Also, I read that there is something called a Booster for those who had it, should I be getting that? ... (1 replies)
Flu shot or not?
Jan 18, 2016
... fectious and very virulent so you also put the people around you at risk. i say vaccinate against anything as soon as soon as you get the chance, its better than getting the disease itself. ... (5 replies)
... tanus shot on file and was overdue for it, I did get the vaccine then and there and was told that the cut was not major , not dirty, not infected and the odds of getting tetanus for it where .16 in 10 million. What I don't understand is how fast after the shot is given are you protected? ... (0 replies)
Flu shot or not?
Oct 26, 2015
... le life and last year i was scared but did it anyway and now im very scared. So many begative material on line from gullian barr syndrome to nerve stuff. Im sure getting the flu can do the same harm or worse. Any advice? ... (5 replies)
... ey're supposed to be given at intervals of 3 months and 3 shots. They asked me about giving it to him and I specifically said not this tim because he was already getting shots and I didn't want him to have to get a whole lot of shots at once. ... (0 replies)
... It's a killed virus so it cannot give you the flu. If oyu had been exposed within the two weeks after getting the shot you could get the flu. It takes that long to be effective. ... (6 replies)
... You can still get the shingles after getting the shot but it is a milder case. ... (1 replies)
... o has gotten a shingles shot has gotten shingles and they did not have a compromised immune system! I only know one person who has not gotten the shingles after getting the shot! ... (1 replies)
... Sore arm is a common side effect of getting flu shot and most vaccines. ... (3 replies)
... I have been doing a lot of research. A lot the people who had really bad reactions were young and teenage girls. Some of these girl passed out and some of them developed epilepsy. Whenever the mothers of these girls tell the doctor that it all happened after the shot the doctor will say that it wasn't. The seizures scare me. I haven't had one yet that I know of. I am... (5 replies)
... I would think seriously about getting the second vaccine, and do some further research on it. ... (5 replies)
... ic to the vaccine. But i'm not sure cause i don't know to much about the vaccine cause i could never have it and i was to young to remember. I am really tired of getting whooping cough almost every winter. Any one know anything about the Whooping Cough Vaccine from what i've read they created a new one. ... (1 replies)
... yone after all these years just up and decided to get the FLU shot and it was ok!!! I've never been fond of the FLU shots anyway. Seems everyone I talk to end up getting the FLU from the shot anyway. Or at least feeling like they have it. Also is the INTRADERMAL better than the full dose shot? ... (9 replies)
... Yesterday I had a shingles Vac. Today I have literally a very itchy goose egg at the injection site. Is this an allergic reaction? I wanted a flu vaccine at the same time but pharmacist asked me to wait 10 days or so. I am glad I did. I am also getting a Tetanus/Pertussis Vaccine in 10 days. Anyone have a reaction to this? Thanks (0 replies)
Vaccine Court
May 28, 2012
... shot if his Dr. knew about him having suffered from GBS in 2003. Google Tdap VIS and read the required by law VIS statement your son should have received before getting this shot. ... (4 replies)
... PLEASE help, i dont mind getting the mmr vaccine again but thats gonna take another month until employment and i dont want to take unnecessary shots if it can be avoided. ... (1 replies)

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