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... en I learned that the vaccine makers recently got a new law passed making them totally immune to any accountability from their vaccines, I decided I would NOT be getting their vaccine. If their vaccine is so safe, why would they need to protect themselves behind a law allowing them to have NO ACCOUNTABILITY? ... (21 replies)
... Thanks, and yes, I've searched through internet. Found a few similar cases, but it is not stated anywhere that one may get rashes after more than 10 days of getting a Gardasil shot. My third shot is supposed to be in December. ... (4 replies)
... years' flu shot, two of them said 3 months and one said a year. I don't understand why there should be so much conflicting information on this. Where are they getting the information that it only lasts 3 months? ... (2 replies)

May 22, 2009
... There shouldn't be a problem getting multiple vaccinations simply because you are also taking antibiotics (but I would just mention it to the nurse/doctor) when you go to get vaccinated. (1 replies)
... hours after receiving the shot I started feeling pain in my joints. My fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, my neck and also my lower back hurt alot. I then started getting "flu like" symptoms and felt tired. Later the next day is when I started to feel better from those sypmtoms and the joint pain. ... (9 replies)
... of measles outbreaks in schools happen in children that have already been vaccinated against measles... if the shots work, why so many vaccinated children getting measles? ... (4 replies)
... and am supposed wait another 5 months before getting the 3rd shot. My husband and I are wanting to start a family. ... (2 replies)
... As a child, I lived in the Far East, and immunizations were passed out like candy. After getting ours, my mom always took us to the pool to swim. The excersize helped reduce the soreness... ... (4 replies)
Travel to poland
Jan 16, 2009
... and getting the Typhoid vaccination. It's good to be protected just in case. ... (2 replies)
... You should be up to date on your MMR (Measles,Mumps,Rubella), Td (Tetanus/Diptheria) and you should also get an adult Polio should also get the Hepatitis A & B vaccination (if you haven't already had the series), Typhoid and Yellow Fever vaccinations. If you are expecting to be in rural areas/outdoors, getting the pre-exposure Rabies vaccinations is a good idea.... (1 replies)
... Hi there wondering if anyone can help i know getting the flu vaccination is not a good idea if you have a fever does anyone know if you are suffering from a very mild myocarditis is it safe to get flu jag as there would appear to be a risk from this but then also a risk if you catch flu if you already have myocarditis, any help much appreciated, thanks paolo (0 replies)
... I'm looking for some advice in getting seniors and their elderly parents to be vaccinated. Are there any caregivers out there with experience with this issue? ... (1 replies)
Blood donation
Oct 19, 2008
... Yes, you can donate blood after getting the HPV vaccine. ... (1 replies)
... Just a guess here but I would think that the clinical trials revealed that getting the vaccine in the deltoid muscle was more effective than giving it in the fatty tissue. ... (4 replies)
... tetnus, hep series, and mmr. I am worried about getting sick from these shots. I have not had a vaccination other than meningitis for a long time. Am I worring for nothing? ... (3 replies)
... Because you have had CP before you already have the possibility of getting shingles. You cannot catch shingles by being around someone with CP. You must have CP first which you have had. ... (1 replies)
... I agree with your doctor that just getting a reaction 6mo later is unlikely. ... (1 replies)
... I was getting worried as to what this could be but my doctor seems stumped and says having a reaction six months later is just not going to happen. ... (1 replies)
Mar 20, 2008
... Thank you! (3 replies)
Mar 20, 2008
... Getting #3 now should be fine. No need to start over, according to the consumer prescribing information. (3 replies)

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