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Hepatitus Shots
Nov 13, 2007
... The Hep B vaccine does NOT cure Hep B. Vaccines do not CURE any disease if you already have it. ... (4 replies)
... Is there a link to HIV? ... (2 replies)
Mercury Content..
Jan 13, 2004
... Lets take the Hep B vaccine for example. We are talking about the common Hep B vaccine that has Thimerosal. ... (6 replies)

... you're a good mama! ... (11 replies)
... And it should never be given to a new mother. Or a newborn infant. ... (9 replies)
... I dont really see the need in getting the Hep B. vaccine? ... (22 replies)
Pandora's Box
Jan 18, 2004
... Hep B uses interferon which causes depression by messing with serratonin interferon is also used for lukemia and AZT so why are we not given a choice at birth is this the new aids vax and no is being told? ... (8 replies)
... Hello everyone. Posting on these boards is usually not me, but when I read and see the compassion that people have, I thought it was worth a shot. ... (3 replies)
... as a volunteer, nurse, techs, physicians, etc. It is an OSHA requirement. ... (7 replies)
Pandora's Box
Jan 18, 2004
... bodies are in your system and if there's a way to see if you are sensitive to them. It also may have a correlation in the fact that someone may have an increased risk of a certain problem that is brought full circle by a vaccination or some other cause. ... (8 replies)
... borne diseases. Many, many haemophiliacs contracted HIV before blood was universally screened, and as much as blood is screened for HBV, hepatitis is also approximately a thousand times more contagious than HIV. ... (4 replies)
... Personally, I never got the Hep B, MMR, or flu vaccines. I trust my immune system. I guess you got to pick your poison... vaccines aren't a guarantee to immunity. ... (8 replies)
... Steaphanie6603, I just came across your post and I hope you get this one as well. About a year ago I went to the doctor for allergies and while I was there this stupid nurse asked me if I would like to get hepatits b shots. ... (3 replies)
Jul 7, 2005
... I'm starting to really hate myself for letting the dr give my son the hep b vaccination at his first check up...if he only cried a little and generally had no problem with it, does that mean he's okay or could it have still caused damage? ... (14 replies)
... Our babys did not get the hep b vaccine in the hospital. There is NO WAY I was going to let them inject a vaccine into my less than 24 hour old newborns! ... (4 replies)
What Vaccines
Jan 4, 2004
... it gives you time to discuss and think about it. ... (6 replies)
... I don't know what vaccines she's had already, I think you had her on a reduced schedule? ... (2 replies)
... Well I found out that the computer messed up and turn out i didnt get enough vaccinations doses and i pretty much only has one each Diphtheria, Hep B, and i forgot one other one. My parents never did it again when i was a baby.. ... (2 replies)
... would get your titres checked to see if you have immunity to the measles mumps rubella viruses, because some people still have immunity from when they were kids and do not need the vaccine again. This my be hard to convice your doctor to do, but it is a simple blood test and if you dont need a vaccine then dont get it . ... (1 replies)
... about the hep b vacc at birth my daughter had it and did just fine with it.. ... (22 replies)

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