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... are worse then I have ever had in my life, the confusion still comes and goes but seems less frequent. I truley believe that this started or is a result of the Hepititis B vacc. that I recieved and I will not get another dose, have any of you ever heard of something like this? ... (10 replies)
... Just wanted to stop in and update all of you. I am back to work, feeling a lot better now. I still have some problems with the left side of my body but they seem to be getting better slowly. Sometimes after being on my feet all day at work the arthritis that I suffer from due to the Lupus seems to flare more on that side then the other and my leg will feel very week, but I... (10 replies)
... Side effects such as the ones you are describing and even MS are unfortunately all too common with the Hep B vaccine. It's a nasty little vaccine. Do some searches and you can learn a lot of info. ... (10 replies)

... Do exercise caution with your daughter. Remember, you can always add a vax later---much later--but you can NEVER take them back. (10 replies)
... Report it now. Your doctor (or employer) would likely try to deny or downplay it, so it's best you take initiative. You might even save someone else at work from the same fate. Take GOOD care. (10 replies)
... Should I wait until I have medical confirmation that the vacc. is what caused this or should I report this now? Thank you again you have been so very helpful. :angel: (10 replies)
... Thanks, Doobee---couldn't remember the initials for VAERS. (10 replies)
... I sure hope you feel better soon! Please report this reaction to VAERS Not many people report their reaction and that is why this crap is still being injected into people. (10 replies)
... I am not sure who the manufacture of the vacc. was it was given to me by my employer. I will have to ask them to release that information. Thank you so much for your help I hope that this goes away. The idea of these effects being permenate is very scary. I will do what you suggested and thank you again. Amy (10 replies)
... It can be permanent, yes. I think you will just have to wait and see. You would do well to file a report on the reaction with the vaccine company and NEVER have another vaccine again. If you report and back up the report with documentation of the whole event, you can be compensated monetarily for the damage. (10 replies)
... Are these side effects usually permenate? God I hope not. With an already decreased immune system from the Lupus I am really worried. Can it actually create MS or just what looks like it. Some of the stuff I have found reffered to temporary effects that mimic MS but are not really. I am so confused. Thanks again Amy :) (10 replies)
... The hepititis B vaccination requires a series of three injections into the arm. ... (4 replies)
Cross protection?
Jan 28, 2004
... i have a question about vaccines that offer cross the flu shot if you get type B vaccine you do still have cross protection if you contact type A flu virus, but i have heard that cross protection applies to the hepititis vaccines as well... ... (2 replies)
... I have had both the Hep A & B vaccinations with no problems at all. My arm was a little sore afterwards. It's better to get the vaccination then to get Hepititis, that is pretty nasty. (4 replies)

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