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... My advice would be not to have your child vaccinated for chicken pox. You do not need this. ... (15 replies)
BCG scar
Apr 18, 2007
... Jenteal, they usually vaccinated kids anytime between the age of 1 year on up until school entry, since it was required to have the smallpox vaccination. ... (8 replies)
... effective either, meaning that even though you may have been vaccinated against certain diseases, it means that you can still get them. ... (23 replies)

... you feel as a parent is the best thing for your child,not vaccinating is the reason that these cases are now showing up here.The four children that have it were never vaccinated. ... (20 replies)
... thanks for those links i will be checking them out although it has been a while since i first posted this my 2 childrean ages 3 and 4 are not in preschool yet because i refuse to vaccinate them with the chicken pox vaccine.i just wont do it and if it ends up meaning i have to home school my children then so be it i will do whatever it takes to protect my children against... (22 replies)
... Herd immunity is a failed concept since many of the people getting the "vaccine preventable diseases" were vaccinated against the very disease with which they are afflicted. ... (9 replies)
... I am unsure what your job is, but if you are around other individuals then it is important for you to be vaccinated against the flu. This will protect you as well as the individuals you come into contact with from getting influenza. ... (9 replies)
May 14, 2010
... Son 10, going into 6th grade, never vaccinated what vaccinations are required. If chose to vaccinate? ... (2 replies)
... I have never had chicken pox, so last year when I started planning to have a baby I went in for the chicken pox vaccine, and repeated it, I think a month later. ... (2 replies)
Sick over vaccines
Oct 16, 2007
... I never vaccinated any of my kids and they are extremely healthy. ... (5 replies)
... t against the concept of vaccination. as i am pregnant with my first child right now, i'm also weighing the risks and benefits of vaccination. i myself have been vaccinated and have never had an adverse reaction. i even had my tetanus booster a few months ago and other than a sore arm, didn't have any side effects. ... (11 replies)
... effective, you will never hear a Doctor say that. ... (63 replies)
... my friend's 2 young children, both fully vaccinated, caught pertussis. same with a nurse i know. her 2 fully vaccinated daughters caught it as well. yet the doctor told the nurse that her children didn't have pertussis because "the vaccinated don't get it. ... (63 replies)
... i would get it for sure. i never got chicken pox as a child and was vaccinated at 15. i had no ill effects from the vaccine. interestingly my mom never had chicken pox either and also got vaccinated in her 40s. ... (5 replies)
... That was 6 years ago and we have never had anyone have a problem with it since. ... (20 replies)
... etting and spreading these diseases outweigh the risk of being vaccinated. How would you feel if your child got polio in which this disease is coming back in non vaccinated children. Personaly I could never live with myself knowing I could of prevented this.I am 37 years old I had all my vaccinations. ... (63 replies)
... Believe me when I say,i am totally empathetic to those parents really,it is really sad what happens to some vaccinated the mother of a chronically ill child,believe me,i am extremely careful about anything and everything that goes into either one of my children. ... (20 replies)
... t I think, is good job of raising him on my own this far. Ever since he was born I've been on the fence about getting him vaccinated, which is something that was never questioned in my family before. I have had all my immunizations and am up to date with everything. ... (20 replies)
... t yet got to contact the health dept. but i plan too before her next vacc. but i know all the nurses who work there and they all have young children all who were vaccinated on time as babies and my feelings are ... ... (63 replies)
Flu shot okay
Jan 5, 2004
... Yes! The whooping cough is exactly what my son got. It was terrible. I never want to have to go through that again. But... the good thing is, he was vaccinated, and thats what saved his life. ... (11 replies)

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