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... ccinating my children against diseases that are deadly or dibilitaing. I also believe conceptually that if the diseases are no longer prevalent due to widespread vaccinations that they are serving their purpose and protecting the majority of us and our children, at least in theory. ... (11 replies)
... could mean 3 out of only 10 or 3,000,000 out of 10,000,000. I'm not sure how many people die from it. I found my info on, which is the center for disease control website. That is the only one I have checked so far. Feel free to check it out for yourself. ... (11 replies)
... personally, i will not vaccinate for hep b, at least until they are 10 or older. i was not vaccinated for it until i was a senior in highschool, and only because i was moving overseas. ... (11 replies)

... on breast milk alone for at least 6 months, and i personally lived in Africa for several months, working in villages were mothers soley breastfed their children for at least 6 months, and continued to breast feed for up to a year or more while introducing new foods. ... (11 replies)
... I agree, that one should be optional and certainly 2 is too young for that one, so I will insist on waiting. ... (11 replies)
... it was brand new and not even required. I'm surprised that it's now required for kids. ... (11 replies)
... jriegel, I am one of those women who is unable to breastfeed, but your points are well taken and are a good argument for waiting to vaccinate anyhow. How long would you suggest waiting, and for which particular vaccines? ... (11 replies)
... personally i was vaccinated for meningitis while i was in college. that was because i lived in a dorm and there were a few outbreaks of the disease in other universities. ... (11 replies)
... I just researched the CDC website for what diseases we are supposed to vaccinate for and when and thought I'd share some of the info and conclusions I've come to for my own family. ... (11 replies)
... have decided to get my dog his puppy vaccinations, followed by an annual vaccination one year later, and then followed by one three years later, and then no more vaccinations for the rest of his life, except for the mandated rabies vaccination. ... (5 replies)
... I don't know about the percentages, but my son was initially enrolled in a study for combining vaccines to lessen amounts of shots given. ... (22 replies)
... I whole heartedly agree on doing your own research. What is irritating however is the insistance that the only real proof is for the vaccinations. I did not look at just one site, nor did I just take someone's word on it. Some of the information came from my son's pediatrician!!! ... (63 replies)
... As far as listening to these boards keep something in mind. Anybody can say whatever they want, whether it is true or not, and they are not responsible for fact checking what they say. Most of the websites that people who are antivaccination point to are nothing more then opinions. ... (63 replies)
... B when my youngest daughter was born and they exempted her for a little while. ... (4 replies)
... d not say anything, but the look on his face says a million words. The last time I had my DH bring the box down with all my sons stuff in it, he was really down for several days, he was very hard to cheer up. With this baby on the way, it is not the time to dredge up bad memories, if you know what I mean. ... (49 replies)
... I haven't been around for awhile. This is the first time I have been on the board for a long time so I got a chuckle out of your post. I belive you were talking about me. And I do agree that Group theory has done an excellent job. ... (49 replies)
... tely. Where I was being rubbed the wrong way was the fact that I don't feel we are told enough to make educated decisions. I do realize that doctors go to school for this, but I feel that some assume that the lay people can't grasp the concepts, nor make educated decisions. ... (49 replies)
... no epidemiological evidence for a causal association. ... (49 replies)

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