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BCG scar
May 31, 2007
... dominant most people have the vaccination scar on their left arm. ... (8 replies)
BCG scar
Apr 6, 2007
... A BCG vaccination scar, the result of being vaccinated for TB with the live virus BCG vaccine, is a permanent scar such as and simular to the scar resulting from being vaccinated for smallpox. Other than plastic surgery, its there for life, although it 'may' fade a bit over several years. ... (8 replies)
BCG scar
Apr 12, 2007
... You're certainly not alone. Anyone born in a TB prevalent country is vaccinated with the BCG vaccine at birth and/or in school and have the scar. Most everyone born prior to 1971 in the US or any other country was vaccinated for smallpox and has a smallpox vaccination scar. (8 replies)

Dec 21, 2003
... You may have had a very mild infection (being that your siblings all had it, it's not too unreasonable to imagine that these diseases were hanging around) that acted as an effective vaccine. No one can tell you why you did not become symptomatic - it has to do with the strength of your own immune system and the intensity of the infection. If you're really curious whether this... (1 replies)
Vaccination Scars?
May 22, 2009
... certain healthcare personnel and people volunteering for the smallpox vaccine clinical trials received it. European countries vaccinate for Tuberculosis with the BCG vaccine. ... (2 replies)
... or in their teen years with the BCG vaccine. It is also a live vaccine such as the smallpox vaccine. ... (5 replies)
... ntibodies would keep them from getting infected with smallpox. That was in 1796. By 1800, over 100,000 people worldwide had been vaccinated against smallpox. The vaccine used in the USA was made by Wyeth and called Dryvax. ... (5 replies)
... If I remember correctly from my childhood.... The smallpox vaccination is not an injection. Rather, they take the needle with the vaccine on it and make 15 or 20 pricks in the skin. ... (8 replies)
... from then on. For some reason, the tetanus shot does leave your arm sore more so than other vaccinations such as Hep A,B,flu or polio. I understand the new HPV vaccine will also leave you with a sore arm and in some cases, a slight fever....and if you're tense, you'll hurt a whole lot more. ... (5 replies)
... needle that has a droplet of vaccine on it. ... (8 replies)
... My memory of the vaccine really played tricks with me. I would have sworn it was given in my upper left arm. When all the news started about giving the vaccine again, I tried to see if I still had the scar. It wasn't there. ... (8 replies)
... U.S. then I would say that your childhood memories are correct. My childhood memories of receiving the smallpox vaccination are similar to yours. I remember the scar being quite visible when I was a child and it is still there but I really have to look for it now because it is very faded now. ... (8 replies)
... sometimes teenagers, in TB endemic countries. It's given in your upper arm but administered simular to the way they give the TB test, in that they inject the bcg vaccine just under the skin and it forms a bubble, later resulting in a small circular scar if the vaccination is successful. ... (2 replies)
... not be raised, as you would have no antibodies in your system that would recognise it. In that case you would then be given the BCG vaccination, which is a live vaccine against TB. ... (8 replies)

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