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Metabo Ultramax.
May 2, 2003
Hello Everyone,
Metabo Ultramax is just the latest snake oil. If you look at the ingredients on their website it contains: Chromium Picolinate, Calcium Pyruvate, Korean Ginseng, and very low potencies of Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C.
The Chromium Picolinate is good for stabilizing blood sugar levels and reducing spikes in insulin levels. The Ginseng is an adaptogen and provides energy for some people. The B Complex is necessary for proper metabolism of food, however their doses of B-Complex is very low.
You would be better off just buying a high potency vitmain/mineral supplement from Trader Joe's or Wal-Mart. You can buy bulk Ginseng at Sam' Club. You would have better results since you would be taking therapeutic doses (minimal amount necessary to have a beneficial effect).
One way to spot a health fraud scam is when the manufacturer requires you to do something else in addition to taking their product to lose weight. Scientific studies of products require controls in order to ensure that it is the product that is causing the desired effect and not any other factor. Many health product manufacturers require you to eat a reduced calorie, low carb diet, drink adequate water and to begin exercising. When you follow the program concientously, you lose weight and are apt to attribute your weight lose to the product. Yet the weight loss was actually due to diet and exercise, significantly moreso than the "magic" diet pills.
However some diet pills do work. Yet the pills that are the most effective tend to be the most dangerous.
Instead of searching for a "magic" pill look for good testimonies from people who have lost weight. The commonality among most people that lose substantial amounts of weight are diet and exercise on a consistent basis. They also having a support system such as a personal trainer or spouse to encourage them on a daily basis. God Bless You All, BigTex

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