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Re: Trimspa!
Nov 14, 2003
Hey Lizz,

I bought trimspa and some high potent multivitamin pills at GNC (I should have cheked out walmart, since it's cheaper, because 30 pills are really not a month supply). I take one a day vitamins now, but I found out that those wouldn't be enough vitamins and minerals to take with trimspa. Because with trimspa you're burning higher calories and stuff, so whatever you take into your body, it will go quicker. With the multivitamins, you will have a less hungry feeling.

I heard that some people take it and it works, some people take it and it doesn't work. Some people have taken it and gained their weight back. So it sounds like it's an individual thing. But most people have to realize that you can't just take these pills and do nothing, or eat what you are previously eating. You have to work hard at it, and stay away from the foods that has brought your weight up and exercise. I've also heard that since it's ephenere (sp) free that it will take a little longer to see results that you if you were taking an pill with that risky ingredient. So I'm going to start taking it along with my walk away the pounds and the firm work out tapes, AFTER I come back from my vacation. Perhaps it will give me more energy, boy do I need But of course with anything it will take time, some people get discouraged if they don't see results within the first week or two, I hear your body has to get adjusted first, then you will notice results at a quicker rate. This is all what GNC was saying to me, so we'll see if it works.

How are you doing with it Lizz? Do you feel jittery? Make sure you drink a gallon of water each day so you won't get dehydrated. Tell me how it goes, perhaps we could be each other's support and whomever else wants to post? I'm going to start Dec. 3rd.

Good luck

[QUOTE=LovelyLizz]hey everyone!
was just wondering if anyone had anything good to say about TrimSpa?.. yeah i bought into all the Anna Nicole hype.. ive tried hydroxycut, xenadrine, atkins.. which all worked to some degree.. but i'm on my last persistent 15 lbs to lose. i just bought TrimSpa today, $17.94 for 30 at walmart! and they go for about 40bucks including shipping on the website... anyway, any success stories would be appreciated! i'm starting on it tomorrow and will let you all know how it goes.

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