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Hi Snowbunnie, :wave:
To answer your questions about the pill dosage. I now have increased my dosage to 4 pills a day. I guess my body was getting used to the 3 pills a day after three weeks so to get the energy edge I like I added one more pill. I sure hope lipovarin works for you too!! Even with 4 pills a day I am not jittery or anything.

As far as exercise, I work out 5 days a week and just started a HIIT program that I got off the internet. I really enjoy that and it seems to be working me pretty hard. I also weight train twice a week and do pilates once a week.
It would be really great to be lipovarin buddies!!!!!

I still haven't had any bad side effects that I have noticed. Hopefully, the same will be for you too!
I started taking the Ultra Carb Collection 2 days ago. This includes, Lipovarin(fat burner), Carb Bloc (carb blocker), and Chitodrene (fat blocker). I debated taking these products for weeks. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, so I gave it a try. My experience so far: The carb and fat blockers, I have felt no side effects. After taking the first dose (3 pills) of Lipovarian I felt fine, I did however feel a little jittery after taking the second dose (3 pills) of the Lipovarin-so I am going to decrease down to 2 pills and see how I feel. My weight has been fluctuating the last couple of weeks so I am going to wait a full week before I comment on the weight loss. I am on the NutriSystem diet and working out 5 times a week but have kinda hit a plateau. I have also been trying to find feedback on the Lipovarin, Hope this is helpful. P.S. The total was $95 for the 3 day shipping. I will be asking for a refund if I don't notice a difference from just diet and exercise. I have a 2 week supply of Lipovarin and 30 day supply of fat and carb blockers. I would imagine I would see some type of results in 2 weeks if there were going to be any results at all.
[QUOTE=Rower85]I put in my order and have not received it yet!! I am trying to monitor my eating and exercise now so it is not such a dramtic change.
I am stuck on 145 and want to be around 130. I'll keep you posted!
How many did you start with 1,2 or 3 a day?[/QUOTE]
I ordered it 3/23 and got them on 3/25. I couldn't believe that I got them that fast. I started taking them on the 26th and only took 1 at a time because I wasn't sure how they would be. I didn't feel any different so the next day I took 2 at a time. I feel alittle jittery but it doesn't last long. I do know that I have to eat after I take them, then I don't have much jitters. I drink coffee so I think that does mess me up, so I have cut back with the morning coffee. I started at 150lbs, and now I am at 145lbs. It is a great feeling and great motivation to keep going with lipovarin. I can't wait to hear your progress! :)

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