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[QUOTE=baby_bytes]Ok well one of my first problems is that I HAVE to look at the scale EVERY DAY, it's like an addiction, no matter how hard I try, I always get on and weigh myself, I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help it, can that affect my weight loss, what can I do?!?!

Another thing is that today I ate some tortilla chips and a few potato chips with salsa, and now I feel soooooooooooo guilty for it :'( I just need 10 more lbs to lose and I feel I put on 10 lbs with just eating those today :'( can that affect my weight loss also?? thanks in advance to anyone who responds. :wave:[/QUOTE]You would have to consume 3500 unburned calories to gain 1 lb of fat. It is possible that you will gain water weight from the sodium in your snacks, but its unlikely you will gain any real weight.

On another note, why do you think you should not weight yourself every day? I realize that many people recommend you don't, but there are people who recommend you do, and I am one of them - actually, it depends much on your personality. If getting on the scale is going to lead to discouragement, don't do it. But for many people, getting on the scale provides much needed motivation. For me, I weigh myself every day so I can catch foods that are causing problems for me.

For example, I was sick last week and consumed a lot of soup. Weighing myself everyday kept me aware of my fluid retention caused by the increased sodium. When I got up to 3 lbs, I stopped the soup and the 3lbs came off within 2 days. If you wait an entire week to weigh yourself, you may not catch things in a timely manner. I would much rather see a 1 lb gain in a day than wait and see a 5lb gain in a week!

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