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does it make you jittery or make your heart race? Do you think it might be possible that if you have to take so many pills throughout the day, that it is because you have to take it with water and the water is just filling you up? I don't know...I just really want to be sure. I have also tried a lot of diet pills with all kinds of claims, none worked, except the racing heart, and jitters.

I have become so desperate at this point. I think it would be easier if I would just go without food for a while, the hunger goes away. After all how many people that never eat are fat? I tried the binge and purge thing, but all I could make myself do is the bingeing. Not a puker.

Do you all exercise at least three times a week? What works for you, and how often do you work out?

thanks for all your help :wave:


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