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You can't gain 4 lbs of actual fat, but you can gain 4 lbs. In the mornings, you will generally weigh less because you haven't eaten or drank anything in a while, but have probably been to the bathroom and gotten rid of anything ou had in your system yesterday. You will typically gain 1-2 lbs during the day just from eating and drinking. If you have a really heavy meal (especially one with lots of salt) then you will gain even more weight during the day because you will have more in your body. But this will go away pretty quickly (unless you eat really heavy meals all the time in which case you will gain fat). It's really the same concept as when people say they lost 5 lbs the first day of a diet/workout regimen...they didn't lose 5 lbs of fat, just 5 lbs of water weight from working out a lot and not eating a lot of heavy foods.

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