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I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too have the same story as you. I started college at 99 lbs and am 5- 4. By the end of my sophomore year, I weighed over 170 lbs. and just couldn't get rid of it. Luckily, I was in a very serious relationship with my now husband who didn't judge me on my appearance, but I couldn't help but want to lose this awful weight. FInally, I had 2 beautiful children and again, back up to 187 as of May of this year.

I was like you, I LOVED me some food and I could put it away and before college never gained one pound! Now, I look at food and just feel the gain :) So, I did something about it.

Something sparked in me in June and I just started eating less of my portions and stopped eating the fattening foods. Then I started walking and just kept increasing the distance and the speed. I am now at 4 miles a day in less than an hour and eating 6-7 times a day! I eat good tastey food, just less of it. I put one serving on my plate and when I am done, I leave the table! I haven't had pop in over 3 months and only drink water or tea when I go out for dinner. I am now addicted to my walking, I won't even think about starting out the day without my walk, even on the weekends and vacation. It takes one day to get out of it and then it's back down hill.

Where am I now? I was a size 16 (busting out) in June at a whopping 187 lbs. I am now at 161 pounds and a size 10/12. I have 17 pounds left to lose and I will be at my goal weight and hopefully size. I work out with weights and toning 3 days a week and strangers in town are stopping me to tell me how good I look and how they see me every morning on my walk.

Best of luck.

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