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I weigh myself the same way everytime to get the most accurate result. On a empty stomach and i go to the bathroom before. I weighed myself friday afternoon before a long workout, 152, then i messed up and stuffed my face that night, but probably only 2500-3000 calories. Im guessing my total for the day was around 3500 or 4500 calories. Today i weighed myself the same way and i was at 154.

I dont get it, i understand if you are on a diet of not much food and then you eat alot, the body turns it into fat, but i didnt take in 7,000 calories.(3500 in a 1 lbs of fat right?)

So even if i took in 3500 extra calories yesterday, and lets say my body turned that all into fat, that would still only be 1 lbs, not 2!

This happaned a week ago, i went off my diet for 3 days and gained 3lbs, but that was three days not one night.

I also measure myself, i gained 1/2 inch on my waist since yesterday.

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