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[QUOTE]What you do is check your temp first thing when you wake up, before you have any liquids or food. Write it down. Then you check it again about mid-day. Make sure you've had nothing to drink for at least 1/2 hr before you take it. Write it down. Then do it again before bed. Track your temp three times/day for at least a week, and do an average of the day at the end of each day. If it's consistently lower than normal every day, there's a very good chance your thyroid is underactive. Oh, also, it's best to do this test when you're not ovulating as that will raise your temp for a day or two.[/QUOTE]

I know every single time I've gone to the hospital and had my temperature taken, it was at least one degree below the typical 98.6...the doctor/nurse/whoever never said anything about it, so perhaps it was nothing. I guess one degree isn't a big deal.

[QUOTE]To be honest..I think youre making excuses. I do it all the time so I can spot the signs! Stop worrying and go swimming, youre not going to catch anything. Thats why they put chlorine in the water...[/QUOTE]

I should also mention I'm also not very fond of chlorine, or being in public in a swimsuit.

[QUOTE]Saying you don't have time for breakfast is also an excuse. Get up 15 minutes earlier every morning...its amazing how much you can fit into that extra 15 mins. By doing this I can fit in a shower and a cereal breakfast, and a banana![/QUOTE]

True, but there are times when I need to be up late because I'm finishing work - sometimes at the last minute, sometimes not. I tend to choose to sleep for those extra fifteen minutes as opposed to eating. Besides, I'm never hungry in the morning and see no reason to eat. Doesn't eating when you're not hungry cause your appetite to increase and cause you to potentially eat more?

[QUOTE]You could also try to pick up a cheap blender in a sale or something. Cut out the small things first. Switch to a low fat spread instead of lower fat crisps...switch to diet soda or even better, fruit juice or water! The key is taking things slowly. Make small changes do you wont notice them. Someone offers you a chocolate and you think "its only a few cals" - don;t take it because afterall it IS only a few cals and you wont miss them.[/QUOTE]

I do drink water and juices - as said, soda is a treat for me. I don't drink it by the liter daily. And I've tried making smoothies - I can't stand them unless I load them up with sugar, and even then sometimes they're disgusting...I think that might kind of destroy the purpose of watching my calories, would it not? Although one drink I've found to be wonderful and very low-calorie is a name-brand raspberry-flavored drink mix with the powder in individual packets. There's only about 10 calories per packet (which is actually 2 servings, but I don't care) and it's wonderful.

There's also times when I'm running very low on money (former and current college students know what I mean) and sometimes I need to think about how far my food will carry me - so I may opt to get eight packs of ramen for 25 cents each as opposed to a pound of broccoli for two dollars. And, after eating nothing but veggies for about three weeks during my previous bout of dieting, I'm pretty darn sick of veggies.

Also, as far as the Atkins diet...I really do not trust it. The way it works is to induce ketosis, which can turn out to be extremely bad (as in fatal) - no thanks.

But thanks all for the advice...I suppose. :)

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