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[QUOTE=donna509;3520419]I am a mother of 2 ages 10 & 12 and I have no engery and I have this feeling of I am a looser and overweight. I am 5' 3" and weigh 170 pounds.
I have tried lots of diet pills and nothing seems to help me. When I have had to have blood work for other reasons nothing shows up out of wack?
I am now seriously considering making myself throw up because when I look in the mirror I hate who I see and I am now 40 years old and I want my body back that I had 10 years ago. This is becoming an obsession of mine to be wanting to look thin....When I try to exercise after I am done all I want to do is go to sleep? Some one please give me advice. I hate myself.[/QUOTE]

Definitely do NOT try throwing up! I went there... and all I felt so miserable from it and my stomach was always bothering me. Diet pills don't always work either. The only ones I tried that worked for me was hoodia, b/c it would make me feel full and I would eat less. However, it was NOT something long term that I would keep using. It made me feel jittery when taking it and then very tired later on. I definitely got an energy crash. Since I wasn't eating a lot, the caffeine in it really affected me. If I ate more, I felt overstuffed.

What you need is a good plan that is HEALTHY that will work for you. One mistake people make is they try diet pills or "tricks" and diets and they don't exercise or eat healthy in the long run. If you eat some special diet for a few weeks and go back to regular eating, it'll just cause you to gain all the weight back. Try to find foods that you enjoy that are good for you. I love sandwiches and make healthy ones and even healthy mini pizzas at home that I don't have to feel guilty about. I like to make fruit smoothies with a scoop of protein powder as well. Allow yourself small treats in small amounts. Don't buy huge bags or chips or anything too tempting, and instead get a single serving ONLY. Or get a miniature chocolate instead of a huge candy bar packed with calories.

You can also find a fitness plan that works for you. If you feel upset about things, going for a walk can be GREAT to beat stress and get in shape! After walking a while, I began to jog and love it. I am a very, very tired kind of person. I rarely get enough sleep (it's my last semester of college) and when I get home from class at 10pm, I'll admit that I don't want to go to the gym. I make myself go 5 times a week and get my butt to the gym even if I'm tired. After going, I manage to get more energy and feel SO much better. I feel better about myself too. If I don't work out for a few days, I start to notice myself feeling lazier again. I also try to eat small things throughout the day. If I eat a huge meal, I'll feel guilty, but I also don't want to be feeling starved, so eating the small meals works for me.

Good luck to you! Don't give up and don't resort to something not healthy. Think about your health and your children... throwing up will make you feel even more tired and dizzy and you don't want that! You deserve to feel good about yourself. And hey, if I need some extra caffeine during the day, I definitely will enjoy a sugar free energy drink, a diet soda, or coffee to get that extra energy I need!

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