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Going to bed Hungry
Feb 24, 2008
Hi, I'm new here.
I just had a quick question:

I've recently decided to try losing a little weight by exercising more and counting the calories I eat. I'm eating maybe 1,400 calories, and if I start losing weight faster than a pound or so a week I will up the amount. So I'm not doing the whole starvation diet thing. :)
I just wondered is going to bed hungry bad for your metabolism? [/B]I mean will it slow it down?

I'm trying to eat more filling low-cal foods like raw veggies but so far I've still got a little grumble in my tummy when I go to sleep. Any advice would be great, thanks!
Well, I don't really have enough scientific knowledge to know whether its bad for your metabolism as such, but in my own experience at least I find that going to bed hungry does not do me any favors. I find it keeps me awake and focuses my mind on food and how I'm trying to ignore my body's natural signals, which is not a healthy state of mind to be in. If I let myself get too hungry my body sort of starts saying 'Feed me!", and after a few days of being hungry every night I can't take it anymore and it keeps me awake, and I end up eating more in general overall in the morning, or in snacks.

I think if a healthy diet and lifestyle is your aim (which seems to be, well done :) ) then in the long term it is not feasible to feel hungry all the time. I find it makes my sleep suffer, makes me grumpy and irritable and makes me feel as if I am on a short term 'diet', when a long term lifestyle choice that you can maintain should be the goal, and I think that this involves learning to listen to your body and act accordingly. If you are genuinely hungry (not just eating out of habit for example) then I think its best to give your body the fuel it wants.

Eating something before bed does not necassarily mean you will gain weight. If it is calculated in with your calorie intake for the day, then I think the time that you eat it will do you no harm. I find that even something very small will take the edge off hunger at night, like a glass of milk. Or, you could try just moving your evening meal up an hour or so, so that you're not ravenous again by bedtime. If you let yourself get too hungry you might end up feeling weak and underfuelled, especially if you are exercising. Fuel your body when it tells you to, and it is likely to repay you with the energy you need for fat burning exercise and consequently an increased metabollic rate.

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