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I've lost a good bit of weight just by cutting calories. I ate 1,200 calories a day, until I plateaued, and now I have to switch them up. It seems to be working now, but slowly. I have only a few pounds left to go. You could try what I'm doing, but you have to eat healthy. It's not real hard to eat healthy for me because I am a vegetarian. I get alot of meat substitutes, and most of the time, they taste better than the real thing. My boyfriend eats meat, and he really likes the fake meat alternatives too. Boca and Morning Star are good brands to go with. I mean, one slice of vegetarian bacon has half the calories of a peppermint. Eating healthy makes you feel better too. Also, you need to exercise. I walk and do weights and things like that. Since exercising can be boring and repetitive, I'll go to the park and play ball with my boyfriend, which gets me moving, and I have a good time. =) As for cravings and things like that, I don't have a real big problem with it. I gained weight because of some medication I was on, but I am now off of it. I do want to pig out sometimes, but I want to lose the weight more. I guess just try to keep things in perspective and don't get discouraged! It took me awhile to get the diet right. When I started seeing results, I was really excited, so I cut my calories down and started eating 500-800 instead, thinking that would make me lose weight faster, but it just made me gain it back. So I wouldn't advise eating under 1,200. You could also tell your boyfriend that you don't want junk food in the house because you want to lose weight. I would hope he'd be understanding enough to cut it out of his diet for awhile until you got into good eating habits. Well, I kind of rambled in this, but I hope I helped at least a little. Good luck. =)

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