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hzebo - I didn't do aerobics, I don't like to jump around my living room at 6 in the morning... And neither does my downstairs neighbor!

kirksmith - again, I am not a diet specialist, but I can give you a sample of what I usually eat to stay in the shape I am in right now.

The important thing is to NOT starve yourself. For breakfast I usually have 1 slice of toast and a couple of fruits with a glass of 1% milk. For lunch, at work I bring a medium salad (sometimes with tuna or turkey) in which I ad chopped tomatoes and a little bit of cheese - I don't use dressing however. In the beginning it seems strange, but after a while, you start to rediscover the REAL taste of your salad! I also have a low-fat yogurt for desert. At one point in the day, if I get hungry, I will drink some fruit of veggy juice, and I will munch on some carrot sticks or something... And supper is the tricky part. By logical standards, this should be the smallest meal of the day, since most of us just get home, eat, and sit on our butts and watch TV! So try eating a bit of grilled chicken or fish, with veggies on the side. Take a walk about 45 minutes after supper, and most importantly - DO NOT SNACK AFTERWARDS!

That's the way I eat NOW, so that I can maintain my weight. When I was using Quick Slim, I was a bit more permissive. It took me a while to get a routine like this going, but now that the weight is off, I have the motivation to KEEP it off for good!

Before, I always said: week, I'm starting on a diet... But I never did! Then when I ordered Quick Slim, it sort of gave me the KICKSTART I needed to get on the right track... Know what I mean?

Anyway, don't give up, just find the thing that works for you. YOU CAN DO IT!


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