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Re: I did it
Aug 31, 2002
good morning!

so i made it to bed last night around 11pm without eating anything after dinner. it was a small miracle! this morning i've eaten cantaloupe, an apple and half a pria bar so i'm under 300 cals ( i need to count all my calories or else i will underestimate what i am really consuming). so now i am going to go for an hour walk with some hills and stuff. i just can't bring myself to run. i am either in the mood or not for that.

yes, it's unfortunate but not surprising about the effects of X. i stayed off for a month in june and then tried it again but it wasn't giving me the same original results. so i tried metabolife and that just made me eat more. it made me super jittery, like a weird nervous energy that made me want to eat. it was like my mind was trying to think of ways to anchor myself down from that jumpy feeling! haha!

that's great that you can take it a couple of times a week and still reap the benefits. it's good to hear that some people, through cautious intake, can stay on X for a while and not turn to abusing it.

like i think i stated above, my major struggle is the amount of food i eat. i never eat fast food or junk, limit my simple carbs and i exercise at least 4 days a week (nothing strenuous though). i could easily take in 2500 cals a day if i didn't make myself say "NO!" to scarfing down fruit and veggies, chicken and tuna.

sinnrah, how many cals do you consume a day and do you exercise?


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