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... day, and this morning I took my first dose. I was hungry, but it said take before breakfast, which I did, then 30 minutes later, I can't even eat breakfast. I do feel a bit nausea, but when I think about eating I feel more sick. ... (23 replies)
... the first one, everything has been difficult, but my mom believes its the caffine in the pills thats triggered it. I havent been eating much at all latly cause i feel like the pills arent working again. the panic attack was scary. ... (23 replies)
... a precaution, I took ephedrine about 4 years ago right before it was banned. I believe it had considerably more ephedrine. It killed my appetite but made me so jittery all the time. I ended up in a really bad accident. I hit a car, and it flew in the air. How the guy ended up with just a tiny scratch, I can only thank God. ... (11 replies)

... I used it when it had the Ephedrine and more recently without the Ephedrine. Big difference! The newer one without the ephedrine doesn't make you feel nearly as jittery, in fact, I have only felt jittery once or twice in the last month or so that I have used it. ... (10 replies)
... on Meridia . the only reason i didnt try it cause i read all the scarey stories on it and i thought it was a speed liek phentermine, so Meridia doesnt make you feel jittery or nervous , fast heartbeat or anything like that? ... (14 replies)
... i have had the side effects, but at varying and random intervals. some days my stomach feels a little wierd, only once did i feel genuinely nauseous. ... (24 replies)
... So for all those Zantrex users who had the same side effects as me, Trim Spa may be the way to go. Yes it does have some ephedra in it but for me it hasn't made feel jittery or weird. ... (10 replies)
... Yesterday, I only took one pill at first, but then an hour later I took another one, because I didn't feel jittery at all, and thought this dose is probably not doing anything. ... (23 replies)
... I drink 3 cups of coffee every morning on an empty stomach and never feel jittery. ... (5 replies)
My Zantrex-3 diary
Apr 10, 2003
... I am on day 2 of zantrex. The first day I took 2 in the morning and it made me kind of jittery all day but I didn't take any at lunch. Today I took one in the morning and 1 at lunch. It seemed to work better like you guys said. ... (16 replies)
... c it would make me feel full and I would eat less. However, it was NOT something long term that I would keep using. It made me feel jittery when taking it and then very tired later on. I definitely got an energy crash. Since I wasn't eating a lot, the caffeine in it really affected me. ... (25 replies)
Stimerex ES
Jul 27, 2007
... I know exactly how you felt... and its a horrible feeling if you have any type of anxiety or panic history do not take these supplements.. b/c i went thru hell experimenting w/ a few.. and you feel as if your going to passout/hands go numb/stomach feels nauseated/heart races.. and it would all happen when i would begin any active movement.. so if this happens to someone... (25 replies)
Sep 8, 2005
... s. I am not really sure if it is the Lexatrim or if it is the rest of my routine. Heres my review of lexatrim so far. The first day or so, I took it and didnt feel good. Although it wasn't nearly half as bad as some other diet pills I have tried, it did make me a little queasy. ... (21 replies)
Stimerex ES
Apr 13, 2007
... and realised something was very wrong, could feel and hear my heart thumping wildly and then got terrible diarrhoea and stomach cramps. I became quite delirious and didn't know who or where I was for a while. ... (25 replies)
... Trim spa allows me to eat small portions and feel satified. ... (22 replies)
... endrine before and didnt like the way it made me feel, I took it for a month and didnt see any results. I definatly want to stay away from anything that makes me feel jittery or make my heart race. ... (22 replies)
Jan 5, 2004
... I did not feel jittery, just a little nauseous. I believe that is what took away my appetite for breakfast. I just made sure that I ate something according to the directions. ... (26 replies)
Nov 22, 2003
... Hey Lizz, How's the trimspa working for you so far? Just checking in with ya. -Tricia (6 replies)
Nov 14, 2003
... oh wow, i didn't even know that i should be taking mulitvitamins with it.. i'm on my 3rd day, i don't feel jittery at all. i take it EXACTLY how it says to, 20 minute before each meal. i drink so much water that my trips to the bathroom have become more than frequent! ... (6 replies)
... hing. Id like to lose 20 lbs. im not losing weight, but ive changed my eating habits. im not eating as much and not eating so late. I agree, the trimsp makes you feel full and you dont want to eat as much at all. i dont feel jittery, and thats good, but im not losing weight yet. ... (1 replies)

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